Family, friends, collaborators, and students honor Suprapto Suryodarmo, who passed away December 29, 2019, in his hometown of Solo, Java. May he rest in peace, receiving the blessing of all those who came to know him in his life time. 

Welcome to the Amerta Movers website. This site hosts information for people who would like to be contacted to practice Amerta Movement, lists regular practice sessions, and through personal information and websites, offers ways to find out about more current classes — worldwide.

Amerta movement practice was first developed by Javanese movement artist Suprapto (Mbah Prapto/Prapto) Suryodarmo in the 1970s. Amerta movement and inspired approaches are now taught by different practitioners around the globe. On the following pages you will find practitioners organized by region starting from Asia where the form was founded, and traveling westward, page by page.

If you are interested in joining the site, or have ideas for good resources about Amerta, please contact us and we can include you.  Contact Margit at margitgal@gmail.com and/or Julie at nattie.hjn@gmail.com, subject heading “Amerta Movers”.

The site has been put together by multiple people internationally.


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